What if you brick your ProMicro?

Here is a helpful article from Sparkfun:

How to Revive a “Bricked” Pro Micro

Incorporating all of the USB tasks on a single chip is an awesome feature that makes the Pro Micro and boards like it truly unique. But it also places more stress on a single chip, and if anything goes wrong with that chip, the board becomes nearly unusable. It’s not uncommon for Pro Micro’s to become “bricked” and unprogrammable. But, in most cases, the bricking is reversible!

The most common source of Pro Micro “bricking” is uploading code to it with an incorrectly set board (e.g. programming a 16MHz/5V Pro Micro with the board set to 8MHz/3.3V). Also, make sure your sketch doesn’t mess with the ATmega32U4’s PLLCSR register, or any other register that sets up USB functionality on the ATmega32U4. The Pro Micro will actually take code compiled for the wrong operating speed, but when it tries to re-enumerate, you’ll be greeted with a notification like this:

USB device not recognized

To revive the Pro Micro, you’ll need to find a way to upload a sketch to it with the board option correctly set. We can do this with a little help from the bootloader.

First, you’ll need to set the serial port to the bootloader. But that port is only visible when the board is in bootloader mode, so pull the reset line low twice quickly to invoke the bootloader reset feature discussed above. On Pro Micro’s, or other devices which don’t have a reset button, you can either use a wire to quickly short ‘RST’ to ‘GND’ twice, or wire up a temporary reset button. While the Pro Micro is in the bootloader change the ‘Tools > Serial Port’ menu to the bootloader COM port. Quick! You’ve only got eight seconds. On Windows, the bootloader’s COM port number is usually one number higher than the Pro Micro’s regular port number.

With the serial port set, we’re just about ready to re-upload our sketch. But first, double check that the board is correctly set. Then reset to bootloader again, and quickly upload your sketch. Again, you’ll have to be quick…you’ve only got eight seconds. It may help to press the Upload keybind – CTRL+U / CMD+U – immediately after resetting.

It can take a few tries to get the timing right. Since the code has to compile first, it may help to hit upload first and then reset.”

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