Performing Haptika

In addition to the three prototypes I have been working on for users, I am working on a performance that expresses both the theoretical considerations of my thesis and my own personal journey with this subject matter.

I have been writing about this journey in various formats and in regards to presenting the prototypes to the audience I also want to ensure that the work retains its deeply human and emotional roots. This journey has not just been about empowering others but it has been intensely cathartic for myself. My thesis has revolved around the mission to enable survivors to remap the trauma infused cartography of their bodies by revisiting trauma landmarks and redefining these places. My own body has long held a desolate landscape imbued with shame due to a throttling reaction to traumatic experiences. Yet by addressing the pain, by grieving, I have begun to see the land heal and watch as beauty emerges. This performance will use haptic tools in conjunction with visual and sonic expression to demonstrate the cessation of disembodiment. I will perform what it is like to gently befriend oneself after years of bodily estrangement.

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