“I Feel The Most Powerful and Vulnerable In…”

I want to share this awesome story written by Rachel Verona Cote posted to Jezebel.

See the original story here. Or read below from some pulled quotes from the article, which is actually almost the entire story.

Wesleyan Alum Poses As Dominatrix At Fraternity Where She Was Raped

“Today’s Bad Bitch Award goes to Karmenife Paulino, a 22-year-old graduate of Wesleyan University. Raped at a fraternity during her freshman year, she reasserted her sexual agency in a photoshoot entitled “Reclamation,” where she poses as a dominatrix on fraternity grounds.”

“Reclamation” employs BDSM imagery to suggest “Paulino’s ‘reclamation’ of power over her attacker.” Moreover, signaling the emotive power of geography, photographer Tess Altman shot Paulino “in and around fraternities on Wesleyan’s campus, including the very house where she was assaulted.” FromMic:

“‘There’s something really powerful and beautiful about dominatrixes and just to be in front of those frat houses and to have those models kissing my feet and worshipping me — there’s an element of humor to it,’ Paulino told Mic.

She poses with men sporting collars, ball gags, and tank tops reading ‘Frat Filth.’ Holding their leashes is Paulino, clad in chains, a fishnet bodystocking and a harness.

I’ve worn that outfit before many times,’ Paulino said. ‘It’s what I feel the most powerful and the most vulnerable in and I wanted to wear it because women who are sexually confident are always demonized in these spaces and in society in general.’”

“‘Spaces are everything, especially on college campuses,’ responded Paulino. ‘We’re not asking to be coddled — we’re asking to be safe.’”

“This photoshoot, which you can view in its entirety here, enabled Paulino to take a meaningful step past her painful college experience. Now she lives in New York City, where she continues to push forward and beyond.””

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